Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

Why Install Roller Shutters on the Exteriors of Your Home Windows?

More and more Australian homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to maintain energy-efficient homes. This has resulted in the growing popularity of window coverings like window roller shutters, which are specially designed to enhance energy efficiency in buildings. When installed outside your windows, roller shutters can block a significant amount of solar heat from reaching your living space. During the cold days, they can minimise heat loss from your home by acting as an insulator. Read More 

5 Outdoor Areas At Home That Are Perfect For Shade Sails

By now you must have seen shade sails all around the country. Shade sails are the new stylish way to seek cover from the sun while making your spaces look fancy and chic. If you would like to add the same to your spaces, this article gives you some ideas on different outdoor places you can install them at home. Read on to see what they are. Carport shade sails Read More 

How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home

When you're in the market for replacement windows, you may be thinking of choosing the same type as what you currently have installed in the house. However, shopping for replacement windows gives you a chance to pick out a new style as well as new materials for the windows; this can mean more convenience in cleaning them and even better insulation for your home overall. Note a few tips for choosing replacement windows for your home. Read More 

Why You Need Double Glazed Windows in Your New Home

The number of window designs available for those building new homes to choose from is now larger than ever before, making it much harder to settle on one specific design. There are lots of good reasons that make double glazed windows a great choice for any new home. Read through these points to know some of the benefits that double glazed windows can offer your new home. Better energy efficiency Read More 

Residential Skylight: Selecting the Perfect Material for Your Feature

When building or modifying your home, you should consider installing a skylight in your structure. This type of feature is ideal for improving lighting in your interior space. In simple terms, you will lower the lighting expenses in your house and enjoy the ambience provided by natural sunlight. Moreover, an operable skylight can be used for ventilation, and it can complement the work of the HVAC system. If you decide to go through with this project, it is critical for you to choose the right material for the skylight. Read More 

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Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

Hi, my name is Fern, and I love small sitting areas by windows. I love window seats, small writing desks that overlook great views, quiet lamp-lit corners near windows overlooking water and almost any other window arrangement you can imagine. However, when decorating by windows, you have to be careful. You need to balance coziness and the airiness of the window. You also have to look for windows that are weathertight so you can enjoy being near them in all seasons. If you want to read about windows and how to create sitting areas around them, please explore my blog. I hope it entertains, informs and inspires you.

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