Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

Understanding Some Features When Choosing Stacker Doors for Your Home

Stacker doors, or sliding glass doors such as you would install in a patio or outdoor area, can be a great addition to any home, especially if you want to enjoy added sunlight while indoors. Stacker doors allow you to easily access your outdoor space and create a transition from the inside area to the outdoors. If you're ready to choose stacker doors for your home, you want to ensure you understand all their features and ratings. Read More 

How to Clean and Polish Your Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium is a common material used when manufacturing window frames and details. It's a light, durable material that can withstand many types of weather without being damaged. This is especially important as aluminium windows are outside structures that can pose a safety threat if they were to be damaged. For you to fully benefit from the advantages of aluminium window frames and keep them in pristine condition, you should know how to clean them properly. Read More 

Types of Vehicle Window Tinting

Tinting on windows is something that car owners can choose for functional or stylistic purposes. Some people are of the opinion that tinted windows help to keep the temperature within the vehicle lower when the sun is shining and others simply want tinted windows due to the look that it offers. No matter what the reason is behind tinted windows, there are different types that can applied to a car by companies like Solarban WA. Read More 

Three Types of Anti-Graffiti Coatings

There are extensive drawbacks associated with vandalism through graffiti paint on commercial and residential buildings. The markings created on the walls will destroy the aesthetic value of the structure and cause a significant decline in the property value. There are also high costs in terms of the cleaning material and labour linked to frequent graffiti removal. In addition, the frequent manipulation of the surfaces can weaken the walls. If you own or lease a building which is constantly targeted by vandals, you should consider purchasing and applying anti-graffiti products. Read More 

4 Benefits of Using Magnetic Window Insect Screens Along With Door Screens

Many property owners are blighted by insects and bugs that find their way indoors. Most homeowners in this situation will fit a regular insect mesh for their front door. Only a few will bother to screen off the windows; even then, it is usually done by adapting some mesh to loosely fit over the windows. This approach is usually unsuccessful, as it offers no real deterrent to the insects at the window. Read More 

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Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

Hi, my name is Fern, and I love small sitting areas by windows. I love window seats, small writing desks that overlook great views, quiet lamp-lit corners near windows overlooking water and almost any other window arrangement you can imagine. However, when decorating by windows, you have to be careful. You need to balance coziness and the airiness of the window. You also have to look for windows that are weathertight so you can enjoy being near them in all seasons. If you want to read about windows and how to create sitting areas around them, please explore my blog. I hope it entertains, informs and inspires you.

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