Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

5 Outdoor Areas At Home That Are Perfect For Shade Sails

By now you must have seen shade sails all around the country. Shade sails are the new stylish way to seek cover from the sun while making your spaces look fancy and chic. If you would like to add the same to your spaces, this article gives you some ideas on different outdoor places you can install them at home. Read on to see what they are.

Carport shade sails

If you have no garage or your garage space is not enough, shade sails allow you to create a fast, affordable, simple yet stylish carport. This will keep your vehicle away from the harsh sun so that it's always cool inside. You can have your car shade sails installed right on your driveway using your side of the wall as the support. Alternatively, you can have them installed anywhere in your compound if your driveway is not feasible. Carport shade sails allow you to park more cars than your garage can handle. They also double as relaxation areas.

Decking shade sails

Installing shade sails over your decked areas allows you to instantly make your favourite outdoor spot even more inviting. The sails provide the shelter you need from the sun, making it possible for you to spend even more time on the deck. As an added advantage, the sails will also shield your timber decking from rain and harsh UV rays that could cause discolouration.

Front porch or backyard sails

Even if you do not have a dedicated outdoor structure at home, you can quickly create one by installing a set of shade sails over your front porch or backyard. This allows you to immediately create a shaded veranda or a shaded extension to your home. Such spaces are great for relaxing at home, entertaining guests or having meals.

Patio shade sails

If you have an unroofed patio at home, shade sails help to complete the structure and to provide some much-needed sun protection. Shade sails are a very cost-effective solution for patio shelters because not much building is required. All that is required is for a few posts to be erected and the sails installed. The process is also quick and can often be completed on the same day.

Swimming pool shade sails

Swimming pools are another great application for shade sails at home. Considering that people with pools sometimes spend entire afternoons in them, a shade helps to provide some relief from the heat of the sun, which is what you are trying to achieve by spending time in the pool anyway. Pool shade sails are especially beneficial for kids who are likely to spend more time in the water compared to adults. With a shade in place, your pool will be perfect for pool parties and pool games.

Shade sails are available in different sizes, shapes and colours so you cannot fail to find a design that best flatters your outdoor space. Talk to a shade sails supplier for help in choosing your pieces as well as installation support.  

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Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

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