Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

5 Reasons to Call a Pro to Tint Your Car Windows

Tinted automotive windows don't just look cool. They block out harmful sunlight, which prevents damage to the car's interior and your skin. Tints also help keep a car's interior cooler and provide privacy from prying eyes. It's a good idea to skip the DIY kit and have tinting put on by a professional.

1. Smooth Finish  

Even if you are careful, a perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free tint finish is difficult to achieve in your own garage. Professionals tint in special clean rooms that are free of any debris or dust that could get under the tinting and cause a rough surface. Further, they have the tools and the thicker pro-grade tint that will help prevent creases and bubbles. If a crease does form, an installer will fix the problem at no additional cost to you.

2. Legal Levels

Each state in Australia has different laws when it comes to the level of tint. Failing to tint at or below the limit can result in a fine and the need to remove the tint from the window. A tinting service will know the laws for all states and can advise you on how dark to go for each window on your car, depending on where you tend to drive the most frequently. 

3. Repair Guarantees

There are typically no installation guarantees when you put window tint on yourself. Any warranties or guarantees by the manufacturer only apply to defects in the product. Professional installers guarantee their work, which means if it becomes damaged from normal wear and through no fault of your own, the professional installers will make the necessary repairs to the tint at no cost to you.

4. Improved Longevity

Do-it-yourself tinting kits are often flimsier and thinner than professional-grade materials. They may also fail to bond well with the glass, especially if the glass preparation is any less than perfect. For these reasons, professional tinting jobs tend to have a longer lifespan before they need to be repaired or replaced. 

5. Cost Savings

Although professional tinting may cost more than a DIY kit upfront, in the long run, you will likely save money. Part of the savings is in getting the job done right with quality materials, thus saving on the need for fixing amateur mistakes. There are also more tinting products available to the professionals, including those that block UV rays and reduce fading and dry rot inside your car. This saves you money on weathering repairs to the upholstery and dash.

Contact an automotive window tinting service to learn more.

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Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

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