Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

What to Look Out for When Buying Double-Glazed Doors

If you are changing the windows of your home and having double-glazed ones fitted for you, then it may well be worth considering the upsides of also installing double-glazed doors at the same time. Many double-glazed door providers also sell windows so it is usually beneficial to have the fitted by the same team of installers. Not only will this help to minimise disruption to your home during the installation process but it will also often be more cost-effective. Double-glazed doors add a great deal more natural light to a typical home but what are the design considerations to bear in mind when choosing a set? Read on to find out.

Framing Materials

There are three main choices of materials for the frames of glazed doors. The first is traditional wood which looks good but will need to be painted from time to time. Next is PVC which is virtually maintenance-free and light but which doesn't exactly offer a luxurious feel. The third option is aluminium, a good all-rounder but which is usually a bit more costly.

Sliding or Hinged Doors

Although front doors are typically hinged, rear doors can be sliding or bi-folding. A set of double-glazed French will look classy, but they can blow around in the wind unless they are shut. This is not the case with conventional sliding patio doors, however. Your choice should reflect your lifestyle and the rest of the look of your home's windows.

Glazed Frosting

Some external doors need to allow for privacy as well as letting sunlight in. If your double-glazed door faces the street or is viewable from neighbouring properties, then one of the panes should be frosted to obscure prying eyes. All sorts of frosting can be bought today so there will be something to suit most styles preferences.

Security Concerns

Access is easy through improperly secured double-glazed doors. Although having two panes of glass makes them harder to smash through, you will want to see that the double-glazed door provider you turn to offers well-designed integral locks, ideally ones that secure the door to its frame at multiple points.

Thermal Insulation

Finally, check how much heat the doors you buy will trap in your home during the winter months. The thermal rating of each door should cover the unglazed sections as well as the glazed ones. Remember that thermal insulation helps to keep high summer temperatures at bay from outside, too.

For more information about double-glazed doors, reach out to a local service.

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Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

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