Sitting Areas by Windows: Balancing Comfort and Airiness

Is There a Right and a Wrong Way of Selecting the Perfect Colour for Your Blinds?

When redecorating your residence, choosing the right colours to introduce to your space can seem like rocket science. And while you may have a favourite hue in mind, committing to that one specific shade may seem like a massive decision to make on a whim. Yet, part of choosing the right blinds for your space is also ensuring that they appear to be a seamless addition into your home. Understandably, this may make the decision-making process appear complicated but fortunately, it does not have to be.

Having some key elements in mind will not only simplify the process for you but can go a long way in ensuring that you do not experience any buyer's remorse down the road. For starters, you should establish your preferred aesthetic. Are you looking to create a contemporary space or would rather lean toward a traditional aesthetic? Secondly, figure out how to bring this preference to the fore. Read on for a few guidelines for selecting the perfect colour for your new blinds.

Get inspired by your existing moulding

One of the major reasons why new blinds can seem like an afterthought in your space is because they do not have anything in common with your interior décor style, which makes the room appear too busy. But with so many design elements to choose from, it can be challenging to decide whether your blinds should match your upholstery, your carpeting or something else. Rather than have to choose from any of these, you should instead get your inspiration from your moulding.

Matching your new blinds to the trim and moulding makes them appear to be a seamless extension of these elements and this, in turn, allows you to have a different focal point in the room. For instance, if you already have an accent wall to draw the eye, blinds in the same colour as the moulding will be an unobtrusive addition.

Get inspired by an accent colour

If your interiors are characterised by a monochromatic cloud scheme and you are looking for ways to add visual interest to the space, you may want to select blinds in a chosen accent colour. Granted, it may seem easier to stick to a neutral colour palette as this would be the safest option in a room with neutral hues. However, what this will do is simply make your blinds fade into the backdrop that is your bland walls.

A better solution would be to pick an accent for this space and let this colour or pattern, guide your choice of blinds. For example, if you like a shabby chic vibe, floral-patterned cushions would pair well with floral-patterned blinds in an otherwise all-cream coloured space. Alternatively, if you have a minimalist all-white colour scheme, black blinds paired with a black rug and black throw pillows will create high contrast in this room while maintaining a monochromatic feel. 

Reach out to a local blinds supplier for more information.

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